Fausto Colato Krokogürtel schwarz
Fausto Colato, Krokorückenmitte Gürtel, schwarz - UNIT Hamburg
Fausto Colato schwarzer Krokogürtel

Fausto Colato, croccorial center belt, black

Fausto Colato 3390 Coccododrillo crocons

  • A classic with us, croconscious leather in black, brown or olive camouflage- perfect for every day.
  • Here is the black variant, we also have other colors and camouflage variants in stock.
  • This leather comes from the middle of the crocodile.
  • The animals come from livestock farming and are processed completely. Certificates are available on request.
  • All certificates are available
  • On request, we also let the belt change to your wishes in Milan.
Only 2 pieces in stock!

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