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The passage area in Hamburg, So the area between Gänsemarkt and the town hall comprises such large street names as Neuer Wall, Alter Wall, large bleaching, high bleaching and of course the Jungfernstieg. In recent years, a lot of money has been invested in the street scene by the owners, so that today we have a particularly attractive environment even after pandemic. The heart is the Hanseatic district and you will find us in the heart of the Hansseviertel UNIT Hamburg, directly on the food area with our brands like Jacob Cohen, C.P. Company, Sonrisa, Campomaggi, Belstaff and GMS-75 etc.



Our opening times in the shop and always online. VISIT US!


We are on site except on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., only in times with pandemics can this change. But 24/7 is our always current online shop at www.unithamburg.de Many men visit our online store before they follow us Hamburg come to the Hanseatic district in the big bleach 36 to find out more. Visit us!

We have small changes changed immediately by our tailor in the Poststrasse and so you can usually take it with you on the same day. At Jacob Cohën we cover the cost of change. We also send selections and try to handle everything uncomplicated.



We have always been able to inspire ourselves for special things. Our passion to find and shop these things in our concept we live every day. Whether English wool socks, Italian motorcycle helmets, Australian hand cream or high -quality handmade shoes, we always try to provide our customers a unique range. We have been working with many brands, such as Jacob Cohën or Officine Creative, but also surprise with innovative, unknown brands. We do not make compromises in quality. Everything is personally selected by us and reflects us from UNIT Hamburg again.

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