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Unit Hamburg, we are the personal concept for men's fashion for the special man in Hamburg. Not fashionable, but modern is our motto. We are looking for the best parts from specialists' collections. These usually only produce one product group and in excellent quality and at fair prices. In addition to well -known brands such as Jacob Cohen and C.P. Company we also have new, still unknown brands, so -called upcoming brands. If you have any questions about the size of the size, simply call 040 35017826 during the day or use our chat function

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We stand for luxury, excellent service and hand -picked brands. We focus on a sporty but noble look for men away from the mainstream.

Max, Phillippe and Peter

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We have been working at the location in Hamburg, the Hanseatic district since 2007. First under the names Kirchhoff Uomo, then Classico Men and now Unit Hamburg. From 2007 we kept leading new and then unknown labels. Jacob Cohen, the term for manual luxury is one of these brands in Denim, we were the first customers in Hamburg at the time and still lead this brand today. At Denim there are other brands Handpicked and Blue de Genes. C.P. We always had Company in Hamburg in the Hanseviertel, today it is one of the most important brands with us. We also love our shirts brands Sonrisa and from Naples Salvatore Piccolo

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