Warum Ten C so perfekt zu UNIT Hamburg paßt,UNIT Hamburg

Ten C is a brand that is characterized by its unique philosophy.

The name Ten C stands for "The Emperor's New Clothes" and alludes to the fairy tale of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen. Unlike the fairy tale, however, Ten C is not about empty promises, but about high-quality and durable clothing that impresses with its quality and timeless aesthetics.

The brand was founded by Italian designers Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey. Together, they have set themselves the goal of developing garments that will last a lifetime and always look stylish. They rely on materials and processing techniques that are also used in the outdoor industry and are therefore particularly robust and hard-wearing.

One example of this is the brand's signature material, known as OJJ (Original Japanese Jersey). This is a high-quality cotton fabric that is produced in Japan and is particularly hard-wearing thanks to its special processing. When worn, the material develops a unique patina that makes each item of clothing one of a kind.

Another feature of Ten C clothing is its modularity. Many of the jackets and coats can be adapted to suit the weather and season by adding different inner jackets and linings. For example, a lightweight nylon inner jacket or a warm fleece jacket can be zipped into the outer jacket to create a versatile jacket that can be worn all year round.

In your men's store UNIT Hamburg you will find a selection of Ten C garments. The combination of high-quality materials, timeless design and high functionality makes Ten C garments an investment that pays off in the long term.

Overall, Ten C is a brand that is characterized by its attention to detail, high quality and sustainability. Anyone looking for durable and versatile outerwear should take a closer look at Ten C garments. Visit our men's store UNIT Hamburg and see the quality and aesthetics of this unique brand for yourself.

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