Pullover richtig waschen,UNIT Hamburg

There are many misconceptions about sweaters in particular, but they are quick and easy to wash.

For lazy readers:

  • Switch on the wool wash cycle, set 20 to 30 degrees
  • Run the program with spin cycle
  • Lay flat on a drying rack to dry
  • Steam briefly from the inside without pressure

For those interested

Regardless of the brand, whether cotton, wool or even cashmere, every sweater should be machine-washed on the wool cycle, even if the care label says hand wash. Unfortunately, there is no symbol for the wool wash cycle. Under no circumstances should you confuse the wool wash cycle with the delicate wash cycle.

Turning sweaters inside out or inside out means the same thing. Dark and particularly fine items should be washed at 20 degrees to a maximum of 30 degrees. You can use any mild detergent, preferably an ecological one. Additives are not necessary and a special wool detergent is not essential.

Please do not use fabric softener, you never, really never need it.

Run the wool wash cycle through completely, even with a light spin. The complete wash cycle is gentler than any hand wash.

Take the sweaters out of the drum and pull them into shape. If you are brave enough, put the sweaters in a dryer on the wool program. But you don't have to, simply lay them flat on a drying rack and place a towel underneath if necessary.

Wool will thank you if you steam the inside of the sweater afterwards without applying pressure. This saves drying in the dryer, but only in a modern dryer with a wool program.

Regular washing, starting well before the first wear, will make a sweater softer and softer without losing its shape. This is because washing strengthens the wool a little, preventing or slowing down the formation of pills.

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