Wie wäscht man Leinenhemden am einfachsten? UNIT Hamburg

Linen shirts have wonderful properties, especially in the summer, and are not complicated to care for, if you know how.
Positive features: it dries faster even if you sweat, every breeze strokes through the shirt and has a cooling effect, plus it's a casual look.

Washing tips: wash at 30 degrees with mild detergent, take only low spin speeds, for example, 900 revolutions. White linen shirts can also be washed hotter, you can also use full detergent or oxygen bleach. The higher the speed, the more wrinkled it comes out of the machine. Please wash intense colors only with other intense colors, there is a risk of discoloration

After the wash cycle, empty the machine quickly and stretch the shirts a little along the seams to pull them into shape. Perhaps hang on a hanger, then the shirts dry evenly fast. By pulling the shirts smooth, you may save ironing, keyword: "naturkraus".

Ironing linen shirts: the most important thing is that you can not iron linen without a lot of steam. Even easier is to let the shirt dry after washing and iron it with the residual moisture in the fabric, so it will be smoothest. Steam ironing also makes the linen very soft, because linen typically has a hard handle after drying. In principle, this also applies to cotton shirts, but linen requires more moisture.

Important when ironing: dark and intense colors always iron from the inside, that is called ironing from the left or new German "inside out", otherwise there are quickly shiny spots.

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