Welche Waschmittel braucht man wirklich?,UNIT Hamburg

To all those who wash their own laundry: You actually only need 2 detergents for the washing machine. 

A heavy-duty detergent contains bleach and is excellent for underwear, towels, shirts and everything that is hygienically important. They wash very efficiently even at 40 degrees. They are available in powder and liquid form. We recommend using the machine at 60 degrees every few weeks to wash tea towels and hand towels. It is only at 60 degrees that the laundry and machine become germ-free and odors are prevented. We recommend the powder form for this wash cycle. I prefer fragrance-free laundry detergents, they are called "sensitive" or similar.

For anything finer or darker, we recommend a mild detergent, also in liquid form. Delicate detergent is somewhat gentler on colors and more delicate fabrics. It goes particularly well with the delicate wash cycle in the washing machine. This wash cycle is suitable for socks, T-shirts, darker shirts and cotton pants. The ideal temperature is 30 degrees, above this temperature some fabrics may become too warm. If you need a little more hygiene or want to remove odors from the last barbecue party, you can add oxygen bleach, which is available in drugstores, is very cheap and helpful as an additive. 
You can also wash wool very well with mild detergent, but then always only in the wool wash cycle. When it comes to mild detergents, I prefer ecological brands such as "Ecover", as I really like the clear design and of course the washing results.

Whatever the wash, here are 2 care tips for afterwards: 

1. take the laundry out of the machine as soon as possible after the end of the program.

2. when hanging up, pull all items along the seams, including cotton stockings.

This pulling, not too hard of course, makes it easier to get the items back into shape, as cotton in particular tends to shrink when wet. If you want to iron them later, you will have less work as the items will already be smoother.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch or read the other blog posts on this topic

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