gelbes Stehkragenshirt von Never Laundry, gesehen bei UNIT Hamburg

Because these days are often offered in different styles and variations. While the classic polo shirt is traditionally equipped with a collar, there are modern interpretations of the polo shirt these days, which deliberately do without the collar.

One reason for this is the change in fashion and the demand for new, innovative designs. Designers and brands like to experiment with various cuts and details to set new trends and stand out from the traditional aesthetics. The lack of a collar can give the polo shirt a modern and minimalist look.

In addition, practical reasons can also play a role. A collarless polo shirt can, for example, serve as the basis for layered look, in which another garment such as a cardigan or a sweater is worn over it without the collar is disturbing.

It is important to note that there are still many polohemts with traditional collar and that the choice between a collarless polo shirt and a polo shirt with collar is ultimately a question of personal taste and the desired style.

We at UNIT Hamburg have selected a special selection of new shirt, shirts or polotypes this season. Everything is fine and easy qualities and typical of us from unknown, i.e. new and young brands.

There is advice from us in the store or in chat outside of opening hours.

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