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Sonrisa FJ15 J133 Fine Jersey Black

  • 100% cotton
  • the finest jersey on the market
  • Fine surface as with a pop eline fabric
  • can be carried with tie
  • Washable at 30 degrees in the fine wash

We always sell our normal jersey shirt as particularly fine and soft, but now we drive to the extreme and have found an even finer quality, and when the CEO of Sonrisa visited us personally, we were enthusiastic about our concept and then this quality Prupot that only get selected retailers.

100% cotton, has a slightly Mercerized effect, made in Italy.The gestation, it is jersey and you don't speak of tissue, is super fine, but opaque and looks like a fine full theater quality, for example by Salvatore Piccolo. You can also wear this shirt very well with tie. It goes well with fine suits, but also with short trousers or jeans.
We lead the shirt in white, navy and black. The navy is a very deep blue, a perfect blue. If a size is missing, then send an email, we order continuously.

Color: schwarz

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